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Why Choose Us?

At Spiritual Gangsta Certified we are committed to helping the spiritually and astrologically inclined express themselves in a raw, real, and bold way. Through our apparel, decor, merchandise, and more we are committed to helping you bring out the inner expression of your spiritual gangsta for the world to see.

Highly gifted. The amount of insight was incredible. I've always known a bit about my inherent nature, and the way I move through the world, but this reading brought a greater clarity that allows me to move forward with more certainty. I cannot recommend enough.

Tresenia Griffin

About Us

Illy Vish

store owner/ astrologer/ creator

I created the Spiritual Gangsta Certified movement in 2017 as a means of helping people learn astrology and connect with spirituality in a practical and significant way. It all began with our weekly podcast covering astrology and other spiritual concepts and then turned into a community of more than 50k beautiful souls congregating daily on our Facebook page to share their journeys and laugh, love, cry, and heal together. We are proud to add merchandise as well as new personalized readings and reports to our repertoire to help people comfortably express themselves and navigate their lives better. We are committed to excellence and helping you unleash your inner spiritual gangsta.